Investing in icons, be it people or places, is core to our principles of engaging humanity to build landmarks for future generations.
ICON takes a Global top down approach to identifying growth opportunities with regards to its investments.

ICON will invest, develop, and manage directly or invest through joint ventures, club deals, co-investments with funds, institutional investors, fund investment, private equities, and/or partner with other well-established operators.

ICON main objective is to identify the right entrepreneurial team and in what context and type of deal it will want to pursue a specific opportunity.

This all depends on how the opportunity is defined and presented and how ICON optimally sees fit on how to pursue it given their grasp of the given market and its unique barriers. This is done through a bottom up approach and due diligence of the asset type.
ICONS core expertise lies in its ability to perform the proper risk analysis and due diligence from a scientific point of view on an opportunity while exploring the possible feasibility and potential outcomes for long term capital appreciation and growth.

ICON’s in-depth expertise and long term experience in the real estate domain allows it to manage directly its numerous real estate investments.

ICON is constantly on the look out for Growth opportunities and investments to achieve its core goal of capital appreciation and giving back to our community.